penulis belog

penulis belog
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masih lapanbelas tahun bakal menuntut di uitm arau perlis dalam bidang pengurusan perniagaan (perbankan) masih single dan menari adalah minat saya

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Thursday, December 24, 2009


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Gosh ,i can't stop thinking bout him
..and we talked a lot just now and i'm quite happy..and the most suprising my only lil sista liked him also because actually he is my sista friend..and last last nite he asked my sista to pesta ,so my lil sista accompanied my sis..then then they meet ouhhh then then again my lil sista sukeeeeee sama dyyy ouhhh..,arghhh it's so so so so unbelievable ..me and my lil sista like twin ,we shared every single thing in my lyfe even bout secret stupid thing that mom and dad doesn't noe ;)

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