penulis belog

penulis belog
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masih lapanbelas tahun bakal menuntut di uitm arau perlis dalam bidang pengurusan perniagaan (perbankan) masih single dan menari adalah minat saya

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

be with me foreva ,pleaseeee~

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ouhhh ,i dun't really expected for this..him ,the one that i always talking about purposed me to be his adek angkat ,ahahahaha..and know whatttt ,i'm damn damn damn happy for that..even not as a boyfie galfie ,for me relationship like this is more meaningful ,because i noe relationship like this will neva broken and i noe i will always be with him..yups ,yups,yups God i really wishhh that he will be here foreva ..and he promise to be there always when i need him..he knows that i dun't have brother , so he ask me to call him 'ABANG' ,ahahahahah so hard to mention it ..but i'm really really wish this stay foreva .. plisssss ,God ,i'm begging youuuuuuuu ,i do need him ,i do want him and i do wish him stay with me forevaaaaaaaa ~

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