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penulis belog
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

dear GOD

i need youu ,nobody is like neva cares to listening but i know you are there..things change a lot lately and i'm feeling damn damn damn suck ..i can't stop hurting and crying every night..i think one by one that i love away away and awayyy from me especially HIM..i'm damn crazy missing himm , i'm dam crazy need him ,i'm damn crazy loveee himm..duhhhh ,i can't stop crying every night when he's not there..he changed , i can feel that ,thing that i'm really scared will happen..maybe juga perasaan jaa kod ,but entah it just so so so hurt , damn hurt..please ,stop this mess..why thing getting complicated..hopeless ,that's what i'm feeling right now..please ,please ,please somebody i hate this feeling , wake me up please..i am strong ,duhhhh ,am i??am i??maybe he don't need me anymore ,maybe he don't need me like i am crazy need him..maybe he don't care about me anymore ,maybe he willl neva be there anymore..ta mungkin lahhhhh , i can't accept thiss..i'm damn weakkkk ,i need youu ,please be there for me..God,can i ask u something , can u protect him and protect everyone that i lovee ,if one day i'm not here anymore ,if one day im not in this world anymore ,i want them to be happy even without me because i know they will..and him ,i want him always always happy even i'm hurt..i just feeling ,YA ALLAH ,lemahnyaaaa akuuu..i'm sorry GOD ,i 'm weak and i'm not strong but i promise i will try try my best to move on..him , i don't know what happen to him, i just hope that you will contact me and i wil keep waiting waiting and waiting..

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